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Connections & Routing

4.1 Connection and routing options

To add a connection select the “+Add connection” Icon or to edit select the “Edit Pen ” Icon, the connection can be deleted by selecting the “Trash Bin” Icon. The same applies to routing.

4.2 Connections

When adding or editing a connection you need to select the Connection ID first then type in the connection name that would best describe that connection, that will be used with the ID for easy identification, select the interface that the unit will use to connect to the router (eth0), select the type of connection to be used, you have 3 options,

  1. Static IPv4 Gateway
  2. DHCP
  3. PPPOE (Point-to-Point-Protocol over Ethernet)

We will use the Static IPv4 option for now, type in the IP address of your router in the IPv4 Gateway block.

Setup a second connection ID in that case of having two connections and one is to be used as a fail over in the case of the primary connection going down.

Once completed save your changes.

4.3 Routing

In the routing section select the Primary connection you configured and your secondary if you have one as the failover connection.

The Source, Destination and route Weight you can leave as default.

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