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Firewall Configuration

The firewall configuration allows for custom inbound forwarding, outbound forwarding, port forwarding and VLAN restriction rules to be configured.

9.1 Inbound / Outbound forwarding rules

To configure an Inbound or outbound Forwarding rule select one or the other from the top tab selection then select “+Add Rule” Icon.

From here you can configure rules to match your requirements, as this is quite complex we will not go into further details in this manual as many permutation can be configured and would require a fairly good understanding of Networking.

9.2 Port Forwarding Rules

This allows you to configure port forwards allowing selected ports to be forwarded to internal devices for access remotely, one example of this is Remote Desktop (RDP) on port 3389. Select Port Forwarding Rules from the Top Tab menu, then select “+Add Rule” Icon.

From this menu you can configure any rules required, the above image is an example of a basic RDP forward rule that will redirect external remote desktop requests to a device on your LAN with an IP address of There are many permutations of possible port forwards and they do require a fairly good understanding of Networking.

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