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Networks & Interfaces

3. Networks & Interfaces

The Networks and Interface menu allows for the configuration of the 4 Ethernet interfaces and Vlan interfaces

Select the“Pencil “Pencil”” Icon on the right hand side of each interface to setup / edit the interface.

You have to configure the LAN interface with your current IP range and the WAN interface with a different IP range. (when ready to go live you need to change the IP address on the router that coincides with the IP range of the WAN interface of the iShield) The iShield will become your gateway to the internet for your LAN.


  • iShield LAN interface IP : subnet (becomes your gateway address)
  • DHCP IP range: to
  • iShield WAN interface IP :
  • Router IP :
  • Disable DHCP on the router.
  • Enable the DMZ on the router to point to the WAN IP of the iShield (

Select the “+ Add VLAN Interface Icon” to add and configure a VLAN interface or the “Pencil ” Icon to edit an existing VLAN configuration.

3.1 Edit Interface

Each interface can be given a description to best describe the interface function, then select the designation of the interface if it's to be either a WAN (Wide Area Network) or LAN (Local Area Network).

Mode: you have 4 options to select from,

  • Unconfigured
  • Static IP address – setup and bind IP addresses to interface
  • DHCP (ipv4) – fetch an IP address from an ipv4 DHCP Server on network or router
  • DHCP6 (ipv6) – fetch an IP address from an ipv6 DHCP Server on network or router

When you have completed your interface setup, save your changes.

Please note that even though you have save your interface setup you still need to reload the unit from the configuration commands menu for the settings to take effect.

The standard setup uses two ports, one for the LAN and one for the WAN. If you have a second WAN connection then configure one of the other ethernet ports (eth2 or eth3) for your second connection.

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