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This section you will create and configure policies for your users or departments, policies are made up of URL’s that can be accessed or denied access to as well as setting time conditions for specific policies.

The first section of the policy is the URL groups these groups can be URL’s that the users will be allowed or denied access to.

Select the “ Add URL Groups” to create a new group or on the “Pencil” Icon to edit an existing URL group.

7.1 Add URL Group

  • Type in the name of the URL group in the URL Group Name.
  • Type in the list of domains for the group you creating, one domain per line.
  • Examples to add domain names is * or *domain* or .*.domain name can be used.
  • Click on “Add URL Group” icon to create and add the group.
  • You can have multiple URL groups, Blocked_Domains, Allowed_Domains or whichever naming convention you would like to use.

7.2 Time Conditions

The time condition allows you to set up specific days and times to either allow or deny access to URL groups

  • Select the time Conditions Tab
  • Name your time condition then select the days and times you want to allocate to this time condition, you can have multiple time conditions with different names.
  • Select the “Add Time Condition” Icon to create your time condition.

7.3 Policies Tab

The policy tab is where you will define your policies. The default policy is to allow all. Users will have no restrictions on websites they can access.

The policy section allows you to add and define the policy’s as to your company internet access policy. The default policy has no restrictions and allows full access to the internet. The policy rule will be implemented from the top down you can click and drag the rules up or down to position as required, bearing in mind that the action taken is read from top to bottom of the policy so always best to have your allow group on the top.

Select the “+Create New Policy” Icon to create a new policy.

Name your policy then select the actions for your policy, let say this is the allowed URLs that users can have access to you would select the allowed sites in URL groups and if you have set a time condition that they site may be accessed you would select the time condition you created and set the action to allow. Save or update web rule.

To deny access you would then select the URL group you created with the list of URL’s that the users may not access and in addition you can then select categories from the blacklists section then in the action section select deny from the drop down. Save or update web rule.

As mentioned in the identities section you will assign the policy you created per identity by clicking on the policy drop down box of that identity, by default the default policy is assigned when you add a identity or to any device that is picked up by the system.

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