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DHCP and DNS Menu

The DHCP and DNS section you will setup your DHCP interface, DHCP IP ranges, DHCP reservations and DNS servers to be used on your network. Select the interface to enable DHCP on that interface.

5.1 DHCP Interface selection

5.2 DHCP Ranges

The IPv4 range is configured from this section, it will provide IPv4 addresses to devices connecting to your network that have obtain IPv4 information automatically.

Select the DHCP Ranges from the Top Tab menu, add or edit your DHCP IP range that the iShield will provide DHCP requests for.

5.3 DHCP Relay

DHCP relay configuration, DHCP requests received on the listening interface will be relayed to a DHCP server on a local interface to the iShield firewall.

To add a DHCP Relay select the +Add DHCP Relay radio button to add your DHCP relay configuration.

The following options are required.

  • Listening Interface: Select the Ethernet Interface that will be listening for DHCP requests.
  • DHCP Server IP: Add the IP address of the DHCP server.
  • DHCP Server Interface: Select the interface in which the iShield can send requests to the DHCP server. (normally the DMZ, LAN or interface connected to DHCP server)

Select the +Add DHCP Relay radio button to add your relay configuration.

5.4 DHCP Reservation

This section allows for you to reserve an IP address for a specific device so that it receives the same IP address every time it joins the network

Select the DHCP Reservations top tab, it will display the devices connected via your DHCP range, click on the “+“ Icon to reserve the IP address for that device.

5.5 DHCP Options

This section allows for additional DHCP options that can be added to the DHCP request.

Select the +Add DHCP Option radio button for the options windows to open.

Select the DHCP Option that you would like to add from the dropdown menu then add the DHCP Paramete then select the Add DHCP option radio button to add the option.

5.6 DNS Servers

This section is for the configuration of DNS server selection, manual and automatic selections are available.

Select the DNS Server from Top Tab menu, by default Automatic DNS selection is enabled, this will allow for the system to select the best performing DNS servers available for your connection.

Manual DNS selection will allow you to manually add and select preference of DNS servers.

5.7 DNS Options

This section allows you to add redirect of a host name to a specific IP address, add a domain to a specific DNS IP address as well as enable DNS negative caching and force DNS safe searching.

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